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Thiru.S.Krishnaswamy, owner of Surya Films and Theivathiru Araneri Annal Thiru K.Palaniappan are the founders of Thirunelveli Saiva Vellalar Sangam. First meeting was conducted in Thiru.S.Krishnaswamy’s house (17 A, West avani street) on 11.10.1970.
Thirunelveli Saiva Vellalar Sangam’s byelaw was framed by Araneri Annal. By Tamilnadu society’s law sangam was registered as 91/70 on 16.12.1970.
In the beginning meetings were held at Thiru.Thanvanthiri Pillai, Thiru.P.Somasundaram Pillai, and Thiru.V.A.Balasubramaniam’s houses.
When it was decided to have a separate building for the sangam a cultural program was conducted and Rs.35000/- was saved by the treasurer Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai. First President, Araneri Annal has decided to have the title Thirunelveli Saiva Vellalar Sangam in which Thirunelveli means the name of the place and Thirunelveli Saiva Vellalar means our community.
Since Araneri Annal decided to have rest the Vice President P.Somasundaram Pillai was made President of the sangam. Even then Araneri Annal’s views and guidance were sought for the smooth functioning of the sangam.
Present sangam building was bought for Rs.75000/- by Thiru.P.Somasundaram Pillai, Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai, Thiru.A.Subramania Pillai, Thiru.V.A.Balasubramanian Pillai and Thiru.S.Paramasivan Pillai. Rs.35000/- was given as cash and the remaining Rs.40000/- was paid pledging the building to the owner of the building. By paying the principal and interest in regular installments, the treasurer Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai got the credit of making the sangam own the building.
Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai helped to pay the money with his stringent means of spending money only to pay the corporation tax in every six months. In 1988 after paying the entire money the secretary Thiru.A.Subramanian Pillai was able to get back the building from the owner.
Vice President Thiru.V.A.Balasubramanian Pillai has inculcated a sense of confidence among members that through Saiva Vellalar Sangam things can be done. Thiru.V.A.Balasubramanian Pillai had got the credit of conducting felicitation function for Thiru.Thidyur Maharaja Pillai, P.A to Collector in Chamber of commerce.
Till 1992 Government Women’s Hostel was functioning in our sangam building. Though it was not an easy task to vacate the Government hostel Thiru.A.Subramanian Pillai had done that great job. Government women’s hostel was shifted to another place and thereby building had been possessed by the Saiva Vellalar Sangam again.
Some repair works and changing the roofs were carried out by donation, Sangam income and also by President P.Somasundaram Pillai’s contribution.
When it was decided to convert the sangam building in to Marriage Hall, repair works were carried out by present treasurer Er.Murugan. Without expecting any benefit, sangam was functioning as per the guidance of then secretary Thiru.A.Subramanian Pillai. Many helped Er.Murugan with money to renovate the building. O.P.S sangam had donated Rs.100000/- with a condition that 1/3rd in the trust should be given to them. That was accepted.
Since marriage hall did not fetch enough benefit it was decided to let the building for rent to a firm and with that money external staircase was constructed by Er.Murugan.
Because of lack of income from the building it was decided to sell it and buy either a plot or an old building in the main places like Tiruparankundram. Agents came in line but Araneri Annal insisted that it should be sold only to the Government. The idea of selling was given up and Thiru.K.Palaniappan was responsible for having retained the buiding.
The rent from Sangam building is being utilized for charity purposes like education, scholarship, donation for surgery, donation for marriage, scholarship for disabled persons etc.,
Dr.Thanvanthiri V.Somasekar had donated mike set for our sangam. His family members helped our sangam in many ways. Following persons helped our sangam in the beginning.
1.Alankar Kannthasamy Pillai                     Rs.25000/-
2.O.P.S. Sangam                                       Rs.100000/-
3.Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai       Rs.12000/-
4.Thanvanthiri.V.Somasekar                         Rs.10000
5.Dr.Thiyagarajan                                       Rs.5000/-
6.Dr.A.Subramanian                                   Rs.5000/-
Moreover many contributed Rs.2000 – Rs.1000. The families of Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai, Thiru.P.Somasundaram Pillai and Araneri Annal donated nearly one lakh. Following were the Presidents of the sangam.
1.First President Araneri Annal K.Palaniappan
2.Thiru.P.Somasundaram Pillai
3.Thanvanthiri Thiru.S.Velayutham Pillai
Following are the secretaries who helped the smooth functioning of the sangam.
1.First secretary Thiru.S.Krishnasamy Pillai
From its inception in 1970 to till now Thiru.T.Subbiah, Thiru.R.Arumugam and Thiru.N.Sadayappan worked along with Sangam presidents and secretaries. Present administrative and council members rendered their cooperation to the sangam.
Thirunelveli Saiva Vellalar Sanga Trust was established to fulfill the wish of Theivathiru K.Palaniappanar and also to meet the demand of O.P.S community.
Twice in a year “Tirumana Thagaval Parimatra Vizha” is held. Nellai Thiru.G.Chidambaranathan and Palavur Thiru.P.S.Anavaratham participate in this Vizha and share the information.
The income of the sangam is deposited in the bank account then and there. If the wedding invitation is given to sangam, council members attend the function, otherwise wedding greeting is sent from the sangam. With the great effort of our sangam member Thiru.Palanisamy our Saiva Vellalar Sangam is functioning effectively.
To carry out the repair work of sangam building it is decided to invite donation by publishing a magazine and earn money through advertisements.
Accounts are submitted to the income tax office then and there. Thiru.R.Dharmasankaran C.A., not only audit the accounts of our sangam but also give his valuable suggestions.